You should get away from me, there’s nothing here no more,

After I fell, deeper than the depth of my luck, I didn’t want you to take for me pot luck;

I wouldn’t mind your eventual icy stare, used to be homeless this heart i keep;

You walk in beauty, like the night and cloud my horizon with your starry eyes;

Like the black widow you’re a lonely child, only child you’re not used to sharing but I’m one of five so I’m not used to caring;

Other girls are as fair as a weather friend, most get the makeup down to a fine art, but as you just not as eloquent.
You should get away from me, there’s nothing here no more,

Though the night was made for loving, we were meant to meet like ships that pass in the night;

I’ve been a dark horse but since you darkened my door I’ve been whistling to myself in darkness and it’s not because I’m practicing for a choir;

Why do you weep only during the burial of the stars, if i don’t go to work who’ll weep for money?

Would you love me on a bus the way you love me in this Benz, I asked twenty and one questions and they were all about us.
Still you should get away from me, there’re things I feel but should ignore,

This is my trade secret, whenever I think of any man under heaven they may appear in my poems but only at loss for words;

However, you Desmondella, whenever I close my eyes you appear in my poems, so I whisper with my lips close to your ear;

I have see many men and loved may women but sincerely I love and see none better than you.


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