Your glossy lips do not reflect your white lies but only attracts white flies

And then you stand out, so well the world might not see what holds you down

All your scratched branches or broken leaves that are not looking so evergreen

Are like doves in the wind or broken clocks that you don’t have time to fix

You’re busy with the lush at the top, the pretty birds and the rush, to remain forever young

You clean the surface but underneath is root, still you walk around with dirty souls

You take everything personal, everybody knows, and Anu said its no surprise since

Your clique, the garden of your type of trees, make the world their personal space

Your leaves do not spread as far as you claim so discover your zen my dear and stay in your lane

Why are you stuck with friends that love the top but are frightened of heights

Grow out of the box gardenia, Anu spoke real words, life is not abracadabra

If I’d to lose you, I’ll carry on my own, your so called friends will be no where to be found

A wooden cross the Christ carried, the only difference is the lack of miracles I could manage

With you, for you, you should know I came just for you, pour sand in my foundation

Gardenia be a fruitful part of my branches, let’s be one as my waters baptise you in holy matrimony

I just wa….

Oh, I sound like a creep… I was trying to sound po…

No i wouldn’t like a restraining order.. no i wouldn’t like pepper spray in my eyes either

I’m fucking off.


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