Has this hit? I wish this hits, i could’ve been someone to you, please reignite,

See I’m tired from each exhale, every night things don’t seem quite bright,

You left me my ego, well I’m not fully contempt, I wish it fled I confess,

From the way my pride cooked and baked, I must’ve slowed our progress, now I guess this piece is slow to digest,

But you’re Lord divine, you’re definitely Lord blessed, and I don’t deserve history repeating itself,

Again and again, I only see my dusty self being picked and put back on the shelf,

Your friends are over the moon but you can’t tell, they returned all the caps I gave you so I’ll be mad hatter,

Most of these puss on hills smile as Cheshire cats, from the start they wanted my head on a platter,

My friends even confided I keep a bee in my bonnet about you, I remember I sang a song Mr. Lover too, but I don’t know where it landed,

You said it has become hard for you to see a spark, colours seen by candlelight will not look the same by day, then I furious, shot an arrow but I didn’t find where it landed,

Desmondella showed me much later her heart deep, deep I found the song, from beginning till end and found the arrow, unbroken the remain,

Sigh, again the day is done and as darkness falls from the wings of night, again I hear a sorrowful funeral in my brain.


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