Tether me to the discreet nature of an old wise lie 

Only the teller knows it’s true purpose because the ignorance 

Maybe when I’m lost there, i will be truly free and found out of reckless chatter

It is a pitiful thing when just everyone knows a private matter or an affair 

A chat to yours sincerely will end up being a chat to theirs faithfully, therefore

A self disciplined hush between corners will recompense public murmurs 

Only for the mean time, because the public despise discreets more than lies and liars 

The fear of being ostracised, made a man birth to become a father of lies 

Then one day, as the ignorance is being lectured with poorly attended lies

A story contradicts, light bulbs are lit, suddenly theres an insatiable hunger for truth 

Someone just smelled fish there, but by now they should already have a dish served.


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