Phone call|Unknown-


“Mr Jaden with the rumours of the hangman circulating your name, what do you have to say to Got…”

With whom am i speaking?

“This is an inquiry…”

No, goodbye.

Phone call|Desmondella-

Mr Jaden, the city needs you.

I’ll be there in 20 minutes.


Hangman hangman hangman why’re you all so shy, who can tell if you cry behind the mask, and when you lift your wings up, tell me why you never fly?”

“You runaway like a bride, though I heard you married your job with a brand , I wonder if you explained this to your girlfriend and does she even understand?

Why do you all ask so many a question, if I take off my decor, tell me who will be treated like a transgression,

And what goes up never flys for long, I don’t know why everyone likes to be involved, feeling like they know it all,

Oh the rumour about that marriage, see all that’s buried in the past, I wasn’t feeling the love thus we got very divorced.

Oh hangman hangman hangman this wasn’t part of the deal, you were supposed to be enforcing the law. When you step up in the scene, please tell me why my people run, I think they know you’re aiming for the kill.”

“Why do you look colder as hell, once again why’re you all so shy? In front of the mask we can almost see you wonder why she fell.”

You all act like I’ve a choice, my girl won’t ever understand sigh, I can’t risk blowing our spark to be hotter as ice,

And I don’t think any body will, most people feel a kill is a kill, they say I’m a murderer still, an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth,

Whoever kills by the gun, will surely die by its boom, you all say I’ll die alone, for who can love a hangman that will never die because he has no soul.

Sweet blessings, rich forevermore, only you can touch it because they all ignored,

Sweet peace, as long as the mask stays on, and the spirits can’t touch you, they should never have done wrong,

No intercessions, no one but me prays for my soul, they all preach by asking, and sometimes these answers I don’t know

Sweet sweet…


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