​Because I’m unloved I’m going to spread the illusion that love isn’t real how;

How quick the world picked it up, even married couples tell it to their children now;

Now all I see are courtesans, perverts, gigolos and queers all searching for lust love;

Love is on the other side, its farther than far fetched, and the road is abrupt is far cry;

Cry as how you please, take the long way home, fate chose her but I choose Desmondella;

Desmondella for you I put the hangman in a noose, but her man is around the corner he;

He usually carries a chrome bat, so now I’ve thoughts of hearing my skull crack;

Crack my bones the society won’t mind, my heads knocked, though my eyes are still in lids;

Lids can’t save them I know, no one will come to aid so I stand solo, yeah i fly solo, oh i swam so low.

Hangman too? Yeah we stand so low.


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