Destructive delight

The beginning has just begun,
like the chief place of concourse, so many stops after my destination,
It is true I lay with your woman. I did it for Peter Pan not for Aladdin,
Yes, I used to have a woman but these thoughts only occur when I stare outside the window of a moving vehicle,
On a rainy day, but it is a rainy day, on my way to the highest place,
The hills from the mountains, the Zion hills where the clouds are in the smoke,
I was at the learning period of my life while you were at the earning period of yours,
If I were Russian, I was willing to do a Mars 96 just to find Venus for 2,
The celestials gave me the space and did nut teach me that this was wrong?
But I did find love which was in disguise as infatuation, and I kept it in my heart so it left me as cold as the creatures left outside Noah’s ark,
You removed your heels so we could watch the hills,
Like a butterfly after two weeks it had died but it was beautiful,
So now with a fallen heart these heathens are telling me I’m the heir to the throne,
The rod and the holy bible, I’ve learnt how to cope with my heathens,
They even took me to their delegates, I sat with great men, the one time I took this for granted,
So right now I’m a carnality researcher, I used to be an archeologist searching,
For the beauty hidden in pitch black caverns,
There may be other fish in the ocean but they all drink water,
So it’s all about getting the after hours lit, sleeping with angels turn it into a hell of a night.



A star was born but oh Mr. sun, can you keep a secret? Can you see the girl in the pale pink gown? She has polished ingots for eyes and rose petals for lips. She’s sitting down on a pale blue chair like 70% of my world. She doesn’t guess with the way I stare into her eyes that I love her. These thoughts I keep, but I want to share with her the way I share them with you. I want her to listen the way you do, because I know you care. But lately you’ve been caring rather too much, I’m not one to cross lines with the green eyed monster but you’re blowing my cover Mr. Sun. You’ve changed your colors, were you really this hue all along? You shine the brightest when you see she’s happy and you tear down the heavens whenever she cries. You have shorter nights because you’re in a hurry to see her and you’ve longer days because you want to be in her presence. You’re in love with her too, you’re affiliated with her presence. But if you think you’ve got a chance to win her heart, then it’s a lie! When Mr. sun, you don’t shine, I will steal a dime. You’re star struck yes you’re but oh Mr. Sun, I too can’t keep a secret.


“As soon as you have for first, it’s like you’re bearing a curse”

But midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark

These words I’m about to write, so help me God to make them rhyme.

These're the tales of Osiri, before thirty pieces of silver, when we were rosy,