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Half light

​You know I’ve seen you from afar right? I reassure you I’m infatuated. You told me you believe in unicorns and centaurs, well I believe in something greater than magic. I believe in us so I will March in on the 14th, the day recorded as your existence and death sentence, as a horseman. I’ll call three others and together we’ll fly away. You can call your friends too, tell them its your sweet chariot, it’s no pressure, they can swing low. I’m coming forth to carry you to Venus, you’re more familiar with but really home is wherever you go. I agree that there’s no place like a place with you in it, and if I’d my way kadan everyone walking on earth would be walking on your grounds. Of recent, we frequent the grounds in a half light not because I’m half god but because it’s my favourite colour and we spend moonless nights together talking about the lights in our mind because blacks the colour of your favour. Digging deep as if my religion is within you, I banished all carnal thoughts and love still remained, of course this is a new formula with 1 for me. Personally I raced through all the heavenly bodies to find something stuck on earth with me. Merely just followed my vibrations, till constructive superimposition when I met you. You know I felt you from afar right?